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§8 Join Point Queries

Defining sets of join points for interception

join point
In OT/J a join point is considered to be an element of the program. A meta model exists which defines the kinds of join points that can be identified.
join point interception
The purpose of identifying join points is to intercept program execution at these points by means of callin bindings.
join point query
Sets of join points are defined using functional queries of the program's reflective representation.
Dynamic "pointcuts" comparable to AspectJ's cflow or even the Trace-Matches approach are not subject to the join point language of OT/J. These features will be added at a different level of abstraction. Note, that guard predicates (§5.4) subsume the dynamic capabilities of the pointcuts if, target, this, args.

§8.1 Join point queries↑ §8

This section will describe the query language used to define sets of join points. As of version 1.4.0 of the OTDT this query language is not yet supported.

§8.2 Query expressions↑ §8

§8.3 OT/J meta model↑ §8