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eclipse.objectteams newsgroup  web interface New Eclipse-hosted forum for Object Teams
otj-users mailing list  browse archive Old forum for users of the OT/J programming language (Sep 2005 - Jan 2010).


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Former Members of the TOPPrax Project:

Stephan Herrmann (TUB)
Project Lead
Christine Hundt (TUB)
Development of the loadtime weaver for Object Teams
Katharina Mehner (TUB, now Siemens)
Empirical studies: experiments, metrics, evaluation.
Carsten Pfeiffer (Fraunhofer FIRST, now GEBIT Solutions)
Development of the OTDT, special focus: Debugging.
Dehla Sokenou (GEBIT Solutions)
Development of OT/J Case Studies.
Jan Wloka (Fraunhofer FIRST, now IBM)
AOSD and Refactoring, Software Evolution with Object Teams; Supervision of students at Fraunhofer FIRST.


Andreas Mertgen (TUB)
Pointcut Languages.
Marco Mosconi (Fraunhofer FIRST)
AOSD and MDD, OT/Equinox.
Henry Sudhof (TUB)
Project ASCOT

Former Staff:

Rebekka Oeters, Matthias Veit, Matthias Vösgen


Thomas Brendtner, Julian Bischof, Philippe Gerard, Steffen Kobilke

Former Students:

(See also Diploma Theses)
Ralf Anklam, Christof Binder, Gregor Brcan, Marko Feistkorn, Michael Flüh, Oliver Frank, Johannes Gebauer, Timmo Gierke, Florian Hacker, Paul Häder, Joachim Hänsel, Christine Hering, Iryna Ivanova, Andreas Kaiser, Sven Kampfhenkel, Sascha Kolewa, Michael Krüger, Karsten Meier, Andreas Mertgen, Oliver Neumann, Olaf Otto, Timo Sellin, Jaroslav Svacina, Andreas Werner, Jürgen Widiker, Markus Witte, Robert Woll