Issues resolved in the OTDT 1.1.8

ticket summary type priority component version
#97 Several issues with completing method bindings defect major content assist 1.1.7
#89 Removing a bound base method causes ICE defect major compiler 1.1.7
#90 Team class with value parameter causes compile-time exceptions defect major compiler 1.1.7
#95 inferred callout-to-field not working for inherited fields defect major compiler 1.1.7
#96 inferred callout violates/ignores OTJLD 3.4.(d) defect major compiler 1.1.7
#33 "Mark occurrences" tries to highlight occurrence from role file. defect major dom 1.1.5
#91 Migrate color configuration for debug view enhancement major debug 1.1.7
#94 Section on debugging should be written for the online help enhancement major help 1.1.7
#48 Call hierarchy should follow implicit inheritance enhancement major jdt.ui.adaptor 1.1.6
#88 Update role icon task major jdt.ui.adaptor 1.1.6
#87 Update .classpath in shipped samples task minor samples 1.1.6