Issues resolved in the OTDT 1.1.4

ticket summary owner type status priority component
1Inferred callout have wrong return type voidstephandefectclosedmajorcompiler
2unnecessary static imports generated for method bindingsstephandefectclosedmajorcontent assist
3accessing classes from packages which are not exported by their plug-instephanenhancementclosedmajorotequinox
4outline and package explorer show deleted rolesstephandefectclosedmajorjdt.ui.adaptor
9Breakpoints in roles cannot be deleted using double-click in the gutterstephandefectclosedmajordebug
13RoleType does not support anchored base classstephandefectclosedmajorcompiler
15refactoring aborts due to failing RoleType.getBaseClass()stephandefectclosedmajorotmodel
16Cannot access class Team from aspect plugin depending on other aspect pluginstephandefectclosedmajorotequinox
10Team anchor cannot be resolved in dirty editor bufferstephandefectclosedminorcompiler